Human Prawn
The Morecambe Beach
feat. ThunderBastard Bass & The Fireboard

Pink Machine Gun
The Morecambe Beach
feat. Machine Gun Bass & Thunderboard One

Ever Been To Utah ?
The Morecambe Beach
feat. Fireboard & Rising Sun 2


Custom built slide guitar. Amazing sound.

ThunderBastard Bass

Custom built


Custom built for power

Thunderboard Bass

Thunderous sound.


Machine Gun Bass

A collaboration between Thunderboard Guitars and Barney McMahon. Short scale neck. Thunderous sound. A work of art.


Thunderboard One

The first Thunderboard ever built. Now heavily modified.


Noisy Boy

Built as a test guitar to try out various hardware.



Built to order. Has been seen on ebay.


Built to order.

Rising Sun

Built to order. A gig veteran. Now completely rebuilt.

Rising Sun 2

Built to order. Awesome sound.


Union Jack

Flying V style neck. Built to order and now missing. If you see this guitar please contact us.


Friends Of Thunderboard Guitars

Guitar Quarterly

Retroville Guitars


The Operation

More photos and music videos available on instagram

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Thunderboard Guitars are an independent guitar company based in west London.
We are not associated with and do not endorse any other companies or brands.
Thunderboard Guitars are custom built to our customers specification around our unique design.
Our guitars are handmade to the highest quality and sound as good as they look.
Let's rock.

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